Venue for Discussion in Shanghai – McKinsey & Company Office

McKinsey Office
233 Tai Cang Road Shanghai 200020 Peoples Republic of China
Contact Person:
Tony Wan (86-1331-1807-664)
Justin Rho’s (86-137-6499-4124)

For details on event please contact Tony Wan.

Gananan Forum Shanghai has been using McKinsey Shanghai Office Venue since the Foundation Day. The venue offered a very comfortable environment for our Discussion Sessions. After 14 months, the cooperation between Gananan Forum Shanghai and McKinsey Shanghai Office steps forward. There will be increased attendance by McKinsey personnel over time in our Forum activities, some of whom could also be our guest speaker. To enable this, we can jointly explore things such as using the McKinsey GCO Intranet to “advertise” Forum events. To comply with the office’s standards and security policy from McKinsey Side, we also need to adopt some changes:

  • We will have a registration form for each participant.
  • A more business dress code needs to be observed when join the Discussion Session. It would be fine with business casual (i.e., no T shirts, jeans and sneakers)

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