Crisis & Opportunities of Korea Movie Industry – Gananan Forum Seoul

1 09 2007


Discussion Presented by: Mr. Wan Q Pak, Chief Operating Officer, SIDUS FNH, The Largest Film Production Company in Asia

Date: 3rd September 2007 (Monday), 7pm

Venue: Samsung Insurance Building (6th floor) in Yeoido




It Is Always Best To Come To Our Place By Subway To Avoid Traffic, Please Take Line #5 And Get Off At Yeoido Station. Exit Entrance #5 And Walk Straight To The First Intersection Where You Should Turn Right. You Can See The Brown Color Building With 삼성생명(Samsung Life) Signboard On Top of The Building At The Next Intersection.

If You Bring Your Car, Just Drive To The Korea Stock Exchange (KSE) Building. Behind KSE, You Can See Meritz Securities Building, Boo-kuk Securities Building(부국증권) and Samsung Insurance building. You Can Park Your Car Either At Samsung Life Building (Free) Or Behind KSE (Not Free). Or refer here




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6 04 2011
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26 02 2012
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24 04 2013

Всем привет!
Нашла интересный сайтик – прикольные рабочие столы такие…
есть и весьма откровенные ))).

Всем советую!

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