Entrepreneurship in China – Gananan Forum Singapore

25 07 2007

Discussion Presented by: Ms Virgina Cha (Chairwoman, Wove Holdings)

Date: 31st July 2007, Tuesday, 7pm

Venue: Geek Terminal (55 Market Street Singapore 048941, view map)

Speaker Profile:
Virginia has over 25 years of executive and management experience in directly managing hi-tech and knowledge enterprises in China, Singapore, and the US. Her passion and specialty is in bringing entrepreneurial enterprises from start-up to high-growth stage, and is experienced in managing the integration of entrepreneurial companies into a larger corporate enterprise.

Currently, she is the Chairperson of the WOVE Group of Companies. In addition to overseeing WOVE’s investment activities, Virginia also is a key consultant to strategic international clients to act as support and pathfinder in their China investments. Outside of WOVE’s activities, she contributes her time and experience in executive management as the Visiting Fellow for the ISS and Adjunct Fellow for the Centre for Entrepreneurship, NUS.

In years 2000-2003, Virginia was the Executive Vice President of Cybercity Holdings, a HK-based investment cum asset-holding company with major holdings in Science Park projects in Shenzhen. CyberCity has such prestigious investors from Singapore including Temasek Holdings, Fraser & Neaves, and Ascendas. During her tenure with CyberCity, she was active in the restructuring of newly acquired Chinese companies to integrate them into international capital environment. Her biggest achievement during this tenure was to successfully integrate The 8th Network Corporation, a CyberCity company, into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) listed entity Vision Century Corporation. She was also the CEO of The 8th Network during this period. Prior to Cybercity Holdings, she was the co-founder and CEO of Singapore’s leading multilingual software company, Star+Globe Technologies Pte Ltd from 1997-2001 and General Manager of TechISS Holdings Pte Ltd from 1995-1997. Virginia started her career as a operating systems programmer with Burroughs (now Unisys) Corporation from 1980-1995.




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