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11 06 2007

Islamic Finance

Interested to find out more about Islamic Finance and its developments and opportunities in Asia?

Discussion Presented by: Mr Raj M Maiden (Chief Executive Officer, Five Pillar Associates Pte. Ltd)

Date: 19th June 2007, Tuesday, 7pm

Venue: MTV Asia LDC

Speaker Profile

Mr. Raj Maiden has an illustrious career in banking for a total of 13 years before he went on to head the sales force for Bloomberg in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and India for 7 years.

His experience in the financial markets and financial information gave him a unique upper hand in understanding Islamic Finance. He began to pursue his passion in Islamic Finance, through his consultancy firm Five Pillars Associates Pte Ltd.

He is also a regular speaker in the Islamic Finance conferences and circuits and his firms offers consultancy services for anyone wanting to understand and benefit from this new area.




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