Findings in Japanese Society and Culture – Gananan Forum Tokyo

9 06 2007

Discussion Presented by: Mr. William Blakeley

Facilitator: Hitoshi Suzuki (RIETI)

Date: 16th June 2007, Saturday

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Venue: Coffee Shop “Renoir Shibuya”

Contact : Yuto Tajima (81-90-1421-5012,, Yuka Karasawa (81-90-5549-8536, & Hitoshi Suzuki (81-80-5186-6004,




One response

25 08 2009

I’m new here, both to the city and to the community.
My bud Rich posts here all the time and coerced me to join. I just can’t say no! I’ve been reading the posts for a long time now and finally registered an account.

Who I am:
I like drinking rye and watching Affliction.
I’m just recently getting into the whole seduction game but I’m hooked, it’s crazy!

Right now it’s my thing but it’s a phase and I’ll probably get over it!
See you soon!

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