Review: Bridging Cultural Differences in Global Business – Gananan Forum Singapore

19 04 2007

Intercultural Awareness :

toward Bridging Cultural Differences in the Global Workplace

Group Picture

How does the Asian Operating System (OS) work? How about the American/Western OS? What are the Cross-cultural differences between High-context and Low-context cultures? Are you using “International English”? Or Local English deemed correct but could cause great confusion?

Many questions were thrown, and many answers and perspectives were shared in the Gananan Forum Singapore’s session on 10 April 2007. It was an engaging and enriching session with Mr Bhaskar Pant, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Operations, Education Testing Service (ETS), and an experienced trainer for “global business communication skills” worldwide.

Indeed, the topic of discussion is highly relevant to Gananan Forum worldwide as a Global Knowledge Community. Under the Gananan spirit of Open-Mind and Humble-Heart, guest speaker and all attending members shared their personal experiences and understanding on intercultural issues in an increasing connected global work place, with differing ideas and perspectives. Knowledge was shared; friendships were forged, with all members left feeling more enriched after the session.




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