Online Bridge Between NGOs And Volunteer – Gananan Forum Shanghai

3 01 2007

NGO and other forms of social organizations in China are in the booming period, while volunteer action is still starting. Before the Expo, the need of volunteer in Shanghai will keep climbing. How does an online bridge works to link different organizations and the profound pool of volunteers? Let’s keep an eye on the coming discussion session.

Discussion Presented by: Co-founders of

Date: 10th Jan 2007, Wednesday, 6:30pm

Venue: McKinsey Shanghai Office

Located on 17/F, Platinum No.233 Tai Cang Road, Shanghai. Please Remember Tony Wan’s Mobile Number (86-1331-1807-664) To Open The Door of The Conference Venue.

A more BUSINESS DRESS code needs to be observed when join the Discussion Session. It would be fine with business casual (i.e., no T shirts, jeans and sneakers)

Please REPLY to, to inform us your attendance.
We will have a registration form for each participant.




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