Launch of Gananan Singapore Part I: The Future of Gananan by Sunghoon

7 11 2006

We were very proud to have some guests attended the launch of Gananan Forum in Singapore. More glad was the strong support from Seoul, about 15 of them came down for the weekend to Singapore to support the launch of the forum as well as to spend some quality time here.

In this few series, we would share some of the things that happened for the past few days as well as showing some highlights of the event including the exclusive video of Sunghoon presenting on the Future of Gananan Forum.

From the wonderful dinner at NUSS Guild House with Singapore styled food which intriqued our foreign guests, and the meeting of old and new friends. The atmosphere was light-hearted yet homely. I was engrossed wanting to know more about my counterparts in Seoul that I almost missed the launching time.

Many who were there for the first time, asked what is Gananan Forum? What do they represent? What are they trying to achieve? It can’t be more well said than by the founder himself, Mr Lee Sunghoon.

More updates to come.




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