Updates for Gananan Forum Worldwide

31 08 2006

Had quite an interesting international conference call held last night. It was the first time that we had such a big international conference call from 4 different countries including Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Washington DC.

Was particularly inspired by Jane’s passion in setting up Gananan Forum in DC, could feel the excitement she had especially since that night they would be conducting her first session for Fall. And from her email to us today, she was very happy about the session that they had. Quite glad and excited for her.

Okay, I shall continue with each forum’s update:

Gananan Forum Seoul

  1. Sunghoon had just successfully conducted a friendship dinner to start off the Fall session.
  2. The Gananan Forum website is in process to have a new look that will have new easier to update portions for each chapter to update and allow everyone to see what is happening.

Gananan Forum Shanghai

  1. Tony had been very hardworking and already had 5 speakers in line to speak for the upcoming session.
  2. Tony has also mentioned that they would try a new way of discussion like watching a video regarding a topic and they will have a discussion on it.

Gananan Forum DC

  1. Jane has just successful started off the Fall session with a topic on Hamdan vs Rumsfeld Case

Gananan Forum Beijing

  1. Soon Hyun has mentioned that she will spearhead Gananan in Beijing whilst she is doing her stint in Tsing Hua University in Beijing. All help and contacts to her will be appreciated.

Gananan Forum Singapore

  1. Looking for a suitable place to conduct the forum currently. Already have a good number of speakers in mind and they have shown great response to contribute to the forum.

This article was contributed by Justin Loh. You can visit his personal blog here




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